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About Disc Golf Billings

Disc Golf Billings is social club dedicated to growing the sport of disc golf in Billings Montana.

The Disc Golf Billings Club

The Disc Golf Billings Club (DGB) is a tax-exempt 501©(7), a social club to provide dues-paying members access to social and recreational activities.

The current DGB Board understands the Club mission as serving the DGB membership and the local disc golf community. DGB puts on sanctioned and unsanctioned leagues, tournaments, public disc golf events including for charity, hosts member meetings etc.. DGB is committed to maintaining and growing the sport locally and supporting the disc golf courses we play.

DGB sells memberships, club merchandise and solicits sponsorship from local businesses and individuals in support of the above endeavors.

All the funds raised by the DGB Club are Club resources and go back to the Club in the form of social and recreational activities for our membership and local disc golf community. No individual's personal or private interests ever benefit financially from Club activity.

The DGB Board members are elected by the membership and provide oversight of all Club operations. The DGB Board generally meets the 1st Thursday of the month and additionally the 3rd Thursday of the month during Feb. thru Aug.

Disc Golf Billings Members know their current Board representatives, Dave Pigott (President), Jake Jones (Vice-President), Andy Bottman (Secretary), Doug MacDonald (Treasurer), Brad Dumont, Matt Whipple, Jason Barber, Richard Bautista, Jake West, Chris Switch Hanna, and Britain Walker. All approachable and active members, DGB Board members are ready to answer member questions and to carry any questions, concerns or suggestions to the wider DGB Board and membership as necessary.

This is your club, talk to your disc golf friends, fellow DGB members, get involved, let's have fun and grow the sport!

Disc Golf Billings members enjoy the sport with like minded disc golfers, compete in sanctioned leagues and tournaments, educate the community, maintain local courses, play in casual leagues and fundraisers.

• 2021 was a great year and so was 2022. Join us, let's Disc Golf Billings!

2023 Board of Directors

Disc Golf Billings Board of Directors elected at the membership meeting Thursday Feb. 23rd at the Thirsty Street Brewing's the Garage. (Britain Walker nominated by the Board March 2nd)

  • Dave Pigott - President
  • Jake Jones - Vice-President
  • Andy Bottman - Secretary
  • Doug MacDonald - Treasurer
  • Brad Dumont - Board member
  • Matt Whipple - Board member
  • Jason Barber - Board member
  • Richard Bautista - Board member
  • Jake West - Board member
  • Chris Hanna - Board member
  • Britain Walker - Board member

Disc Golf Billings membership: $20-

2023 DGB Memberships: 2023 Disc Golf Billings memberships cost $20-. Members receive a DGB Disc and Mini. Members can cash in on DGB Ace pots and vote on the DGB Board. Memberships will be on sale at Sunday and Tuesday leagues or reach out to any board member.


Disc Golf Billings Bag Tags: $15-

2023 DGB bag tags cost $15-. DGB bag tags are an opportunity to compete against other members in the Tuesday league bag tags and anywhere else you catch your Disc Golf Billings members with their tag hanging out.