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The Montana State Doubles Championship

Disc Golf Billings presents The 2023 Montana State Doubles Championships

Disc Golf Billings would like to thank everyone that attended the 2023 Montana State Doubles Championship! We had 80 competitors total over six divisions!

The weather was a little brisk on Saturday morning, but it turned out to be a perfect day for disc golf by the afternoon round! Congrats to winners in each division! We watched several battles unfold, including a 9 hole playoff for MA2 with a substantial gallery following them! No pressure!

And the winners are:

1st MPO

  • Tucker Stratton
  • Rayce Compton

1st MP40

  • Ron Pannesi
  • Craig Sward

1st MP50

  • Brad Dumont
  • Bill Erickson

1st MA1

  • Matt Doughten
  • Marty Grant

1st FA1

  • Shannon Hinck
  • Kimber Cooper

1st MA2

  • Craig Greenhagen
  • Coby Greenhagen

Thanks to Sletten Companies for sponsoring the event!!

Huge shoutout to everyone that volunteered to get this course ready to play on Friday and Saturday! There were a lot of moving parts involved and we can’t thank you enough!


Last year, Disc Golf Billings organized the Montana State Championships. This year we host the follow up, the Montana State Doubles Championship. This competitive and fun partners tournament will play two rounds at Pioneer Park on the 18 hole Championship layout. This annual Montana tournament hosts some of the most talented disc golfers within the state and we are expecting 80 competitors from across Montana to attend!

Oct 14th
• 8:30am day of registration
• 9:15am Players meeting
• Friday afternoon the course wil be available to play in the afternoon with player packs and early check in 5pm on the west side of the park.

2023 MT State Doubles Championships map

Pioneer Park Championship Layout hole notes:

• On or over outside sidewalks is OB (Out Of Bounds).
• Tennis courts are OB, including on or over stone tennis court wall on #2 or #3.
• #2: OB down the left side of the fairway as marked. OB on or over the rock wall surrounding the tennis courts.
#3: OB on or over the rock wall surrounding the tennis courts. If you hit the inside of the wall, you take it from where the disc was last inbounds on the outside of the wall.
• #4: OB Inside the tennis courts. OB right side concrete sidewalk and beyond. Sidewalk on the right and wrapping behind the basket is OB, the sidewalk intersecting the fairway in front of the tee is casual (not OB).
• #5: Double Mando between the trees in front of the tee. If you miss the Mandos proceed to the marked dropzone with one penalty stroke. OB dirt baseball field as marked. OB creek and beyond behind the basket.
• #6: OB left sidewalk and beyond as marked. OB creek to the right and behind basket as marked.
• #7: OB left sidewalk and beyond as marked. OB fence line on the right beyond the #8 fairway. OB sidewalk and beyond on the far end of the fairway as marked.
• #8: OB the entire left side fence line extending around the corner. OB right side sidewalk and beyond the #7 fairway as marked.
• #9: Creek and beyond is OB
• #14: Mando left of the marked tree. If you miss the Mando proceed to the marked dropzone.
• #15: OB creek as marked.
• #16: Island surrounded by hazard. Your tee shot must land inside the marked island. If you do not land the flagged island you are in hazard.
From hazard you proceed to play from where your disc landed and take a one stroke penalty.
• #17: OB left walking path to the left and beyond as marked.
• #18: OB left walking path and beyond as marked. OB right sidewalk and beyond as marked. OB before the creek up to the OB surrounding the basket as marked. If you land OB you play from the last place your disc was inbounds.

PDGA event: PDGA event page

Registration: DiscGolfScene registration

Oct 14 2023 - 8:00am
The Montana State Doubles Championship